Gacha Life – Is It Still Worth To Play In 2020?

Gacha Life Worth It


Gacha Life is a role-playing game that is published by Lunime and launched in 2018. It’s a game where players are free to create their anime characters as well as content and story based on their characters. It captured the hearts of many during its launch, including kids. Players created their content and then uploaded it on YouTube or other channels. Most of these contents have hundreds of thousands, and even millions, of views.

This shows that a lot of players like the game, especially at the start. Now, fast forward to 2020, is the game still worth it to play? Is it still advisable to download the game? Should we care to play it and create content to upload? This is what we’ll discuss in this article.

Are People Still Creating & Uploading Gacha Life Content?

Doing a quick search on YouTube will show you that many people are still uploading various Gacha Life created-content on the platform. Many of these contents are still garnering hundred thousand views, some even millions. Of course, not all content is getting good views. There are also videos getting less than a hundred thousand views, with some even getting just a few thousand.


This tells us that many people are still playing the game today. There are still audiences for the content that they are creating. People are now more focused on the quality of the content instead of just watching any random content created.

Should You Still Play Gacha Life Online?

It’s still a game that’s worth trying out, and see if you will enjoy creating content or two. But I wouldn’t invest too much time on it right now since it will soon start to lose its appeal. This is mainly because of the impending release of Gacha Life 2 (which they are naming Gacha Club) in Spring 2020. Once that game comes out, Gacha Life fans will likely focus their time more on the new game to see what new features it offer.

To be ready for this sequel, download Gacha Life on PC now!