Heads Up! Gacha Life 2 is Coming Your Way

Gacha Life Part 2


Gacha Life is so popular that players around the world can’t wait to play its sequel, Gacha Life 2! Playing dress-up will surely be better. We can only expect more fashionable looks, more areas to explore, and more mini-games to play with!

Lunime Games are promising huge updates that will excite the players. They also say that they will fix the bugs that make the game slow down. The creators did not want players to have a wrong impression of the new game thing. With that, they work everything with the original game in a smooth and pleasant process. High hopes are put as this new game version arises. Keep on reading to know what you will be expecting in the next chapter of Gacha Life.

New Upgrades to Watch Out In Gacha Life 2!

There are new game features that Gacha Life 2 has in store for all of us. Here’s a shortlist for you to get a gist of what you need to watch out for:

  1. Pets – Gacha Life is now even better because they are adding pets! You can make them talk, and you can customize their colors!
  2. Mount – Mount your characters by putting them on a horse, car, etc. You can also change your hand gestures!
  3. Battle Mode – Level up your Gacha Life Characters and try a battle mode with your friends!
  4. More Customizing Options – You can now equip your characters with extra accessories, and choose your 2nd glove sleeve, pantleg, or socks!
  5. More Characters and Slots – There are now ten characters in one scene. And 50 additional slots!


Gacha Life 2


When is the Much-Awaited Release Date

LunimeGames are keeping a tight lip regarding the release date of Gacha Life 2. But we can all expect it to be released this year! Just know that they are on the works of finishing the game. Everything will surely be better than before. With everything that is going on right now, this will be a great ending to the year 2020. Get ready, and wait for Gacha Life 2!