The Gacha in Gacha Life: Is It Fair or Unfair?

Gacha Life Fair and Unfair


Gacha Life may be a fun and amazing dress-up game, but let’s address the elephant in the room here: is the gacha in Gacha Life fair? Let’s find out.

How is the Gacha in Gacha Life?

In reality, Gacha Life really does live up to its hype. It’s a casual game that’s highly interactive and entertaining, making players of all ages come back for more. But despite the fun and entertainment it offers, there is one aspect of the game that we should also pay attention to — the gacha in the game.

We’ve already seen a fair share of infamous gacha drop rates from other games like Fate Grand Order and Granblue Fantasy. So the question now is, will the gacha rates of this game make you rage or relieved? Now, let’s dig deeper about it.

What is Gacha?

Gacha is a Japanese term that refers to a vending machine that includes toys in small packages. These toys range from common junk to extremely rare high-value collections. Every time you do a “pull” or payment, you get a random toy. You may either jump for joy with getting an SSR (Super Super Rare) or a Common. Naturally, you would want to spend more to get that sweet SSR toy. As a result, the game turns into a gamble.

Transferring to modern-day gaming, the term gacha games use the same mechanics as the vending machines but with in-game characters and items.



Gacha in Video Games

A couple of the very first gacha games (that are still famous today) are Granblue Fantasy and Fate Grand Order. These games earn millions of dollars each year thanks to a large percent of the player base spending a lot of money to get their favorite waifus and husbandos. Due to the divisive habit of spending on PNG files of anime characters, f2players call them “whales”. They pay or “whale” a lot just to get the character they want, even though they know not every pull will guarantee what they desire.

To make things fair, Japanese, Chinese and Korean governments strictly demand that these game developers must release the percentages and rates of the chances to pull a 1 to 2-star Common, Uncommon, 3 to 4-star SR (Super Rare) or 5 to 6-star SSR (Super Super Rare) character/item. 1% is the only allowed lowest percentage for an SSR (at least in Japan and China).

But What About Gacha Life?

For Gacha Life, the rates are as followed:

  •  1*: 28%
  • 2*: 25%
  • 3*: 22%
  • 4*: 15%
  • 5*: 8%
  • 6*: 2%

In this case, you should consider Gacha Life to have fairer gacha rates compared to other games like Honkai Impact or Arknights. Getting the in-game currency – diamonds – is also very easy to acquire. Almost every action you do in the game will reward you with diamonds. When the developers issue an apology or bring the servers back up, they issue “apologems” – a way of apology by sending a large sum of currency for the players.