How to Play Gacha Life – Uncovering the Game Features

Gacha Life is a fun and entertaining casual game that you can download and play. Published by Lunime, it’s a game that’s designed to allow players to unleash their creativity. In this game, you get to design and create your anime-styled character and then create a story using the characters you designed. This matter is the main reason why this game is popular since it gives players the freedom to express their creativity. They can use the game to create their anime-styled content.

Gacha Life Match Play

But aside from creating stories or visual content, the game also offers mini-games for you to play in. These games will reward you with Gems, which you can use to gacha for gifts to give to other characters and acquire clothes and props. There’s also the Life feature where you can visit the Gacha Universe and interact with other characters and build relationships. But how do you properly play this game? Read the guide below to see how you can properly play this casual game.

How to Properly Play Gacha Life

This game’s main feature is to provide players with an avenue where they can unleash their creativity. It’s gameplay that focuses more on letting players exercise their creativity. Sure, other game modes where your creativity won’t be needed, like the Games and Life mode, as mentioned above. But these are just small parts of the game, as the main focus will be on being creative and creating content. To help you better understand how the game works, here’s a guide on playing it properly and taking advantage of the game’s innovative features.

Gacha Life Dress Up

The first feature that will allow you to exercise your creativity in Gacha Life is dressing up your characters. The game will already have preset characters available. But you can change and customize their appearance from the clothes they are wearing, the accessories, eyes, hair, and even the facial expression.

Gacha Life Customize Gacha Character

There are hundreds of sets of clothes, accessories, weapons, etc. that you can use to customize your character. It’s important to remember that you can only use 20 characters at a time. And there are only eight slots for the main characters you can use when creating scenes.

Gacha Life Skit Maker

Another way to create content on Gacha Life is through the Skit Maker, but you are limited on the skits you can create, unlike the Studio Mode. You can only use two characters at a time, and you can’t add props. But the beauty of the Skit Maker is that you can create an entire skit without needing to use another software to put all the scenes together. This act will allow you to see how your skit will turn out immediately. You can only create one skit at a time.

Gacha Life Studio Mode


Gacha Life Studio Mode

The next step is creating scenes, and you will do that via Studio Mode. In this mode, you will create the kind of scene you want using the characters you’ve placed on your main slot. You can only place eight characters at a time. This mode will also allow you to put chat boxes and create dialogues for your characters. You can also change the character’s pose, which is handy if you’re creating action scenes.

You can also change the background of the scene and add props like pets, monsters, and more. Also, you can see YouTubers create their Gacha Life content that they upload on their channels. They create a scene, take a screenshot, create another scene, take another screenshot, and so on. The process is continued until all scenes needed for the visual content have been created and saved. They use movie maker software to put all the images together to create a short movie and upload it on YouTube. This step is how players use Gacha Life to create their content.

Playing Gacha Life on PC

You can see from the guide above that Gacha Life is a very fun and entertaining game to play. However, learning how to control and adjust your play in the gameplay also prays a crucial part for you as a player. As a guide, we’re here to help you in discovering about playing the game even more better.

  1. After installing Gacha Life on your PC, the first step that you should do is to adjust the game’s controls. Well, it’s all because you will be playing the game using a keyboard and/or mouse and not a touchscreen anymore. The software will also have pre-set controls and you might not be comfortable with it, so customizing the controls is an important step before you play.
  2. To change your control’s setting press F1 or click the keyboard icon when you’re playing your game to access the control menu. Once there, just click on the pen icon to enter into Edit mode. When you’re in this mode, you can already change the keys that are pre-set to the ones that you are comfortable with. In this mode, you can also move the controls around in case they are distracting your gameplay.
  3. While in Edit mode, you can also add buttons. Some of the buttons that you can add can mimic certain functions of a touchscreen device, allowing you to play the game like a mobile device. You can add a button that will allow you to swipe. There’s also a button that can allow you to tap. And there’s even a button that can allow you to tilt the screen.
  4. Once you’re done customizing the game’s controls, simply click the edit button at the bottom right to save your settings.

You can see from this article how great of a game Gacha Life is. You can also see that this game is also playable on a PC with the help of software that you can download from this page. Just remember, when you install the game on your PC, customize the controls first before playing. You will have a better experience if you do this.