Gacha Life: Get to Know This Highly-Interactive Casual Game

The PC version of Gacha Life is made possible by our game client technology. Gacha Life took the world in one fell swoop thanks to its casual gameplay and consumer-friendly distribution. As a result, millions of players invest their time in this simple yet robust anime-style game.

Quite popular with the young players, Gacha Life lets you become the director, designer, and writer of the game. You may choose to play dress-up with the characters or put them in a skit to create your own show. Some call it anime, while others refer to it as Gacha Life Lunime.




As the game keeps on growing, more players seek a Gacha Life PC download. After all, playing Gacha Life online always feels better with a bigger screen. That is why we, at, made an unofficial PC port of it so you can download the game directly on your PC. All you need to do is click on the “Play For Free” download button on this site, and you’ll be able to play it in a matter of seconds!

You may also transfer your saved data from mobile to PC. Just sign-in with your existing account and your data should transfer immediately.